The StoryPlus Foundation was created upon the belief that good literacy skills are
fundamental to success in life and that
all children everywhere deserve the chance to learn.
Message from Namtip Aksornkool – Senior specialist in Literacy, UNESCO
Engendering the love of reading among the young is one sure way of blocking their entry into future ranks of adult illiterates. Promoting reading habits by providing attractive and entertaining stories that broaden horizons must be promoted in all countries, rich and poor. Stories from different cultural backgrounds, social customs and practices satisfy young people's curiosity and feed their imagination. They lay the foundations for tolerance and understanding, the basis for a culture of peace. The StoryPlus Foundation’s initiative is a welcome addition to today's efforts to create a literate world and in bridging the gap between readers and the yet-to-be readers. I wholeheartedly congratulate StoryPlus for this valuable and worthwhile contribution.